Camp Fees

Step 2: Pay Camp Fees

The Camp Fees for each item are as follows:


Family Cap:$300.00

Campers (aged 2-6):$30.00

Campers (aged 7-adult):$60.00

Tent Site (Electricity Only):$30.00

RV Site (Electricity Only):$55.00

RV Site (Electricity, Sewer, & Water):$80.00

If you have more than one item to pay, the table below is a tool for you to figure out your total fees.
When you've filled it out, copy and paste the Total Due into the Amount text-box on the next page.
Otherwise, scroll down to the bottom and a blue button labeled 'Next' should be on the right, which
will go to the next page.


Number of Adult Guardians

times $60


(excluding children 17 and over)


Number of Children ages 2-6

times $30



Number of Children ages 7-16

times $60



Total toward Family Cap


(Add the products of rows 1, 2, and 3 with a max of $300)


Number of Children ages 17 and over

times $60



Tent Site

times $30



RV Site (Electricity Only)

times $55



RV Site (Electricity, Sewer, & Water)

times $80


Total Due (sum of rows 4 through 8)


Reset Table

If scripts are running on your browser,
click 'Reset Table' to reset all values to zero
if you made a mistake.

When you are ready to pay your fees, click 'Next' on the right. Then type your total in the Amount text-box.

To pay your fees, type or paste your total in the Amount box on the left and click 'Pay through PayPal'

Name: (For Printing)

If you don't use Paypal, print this page with your name in the Name text-box and your total fees in the Amount text-box and mail it to:

Christian Activities, Inc.
c/o Aaron Hunt
500 CR 338
Falkner, MS 38629

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