How Camp Began

Camp Moriah’s Beginning and Purpose

Written by Elder Bobby Poe

It greatly troubled me that so many of our families were losing their children to other religions or to the world. The camp was just one small thing to help families train their children to serve God. Many of the Primitive Baptist Churches were small, with only a few young people in them. The camp was one way to get a large number together with their parents for a week of fellowship and encouragement.

1cd01c03_resizedCamp Moriah was never an auxiliary of any church. It is a family function and not a church function. We never asked for nor received authority from any church to start Camp Moriah. It is a camp that is designed for activities for the family and not for a church.

Camp Moriah was started in June 1967 (although, at the time it was not called Camp Moriah). For the first five years we went to a government lake in Mississippi – Sardis Lake. Most of the equipment that we used was borrowed from families that liked to camp. We slept in tents, cooked on camp stoves and ate our food on picnic tables provided by Sardis Lake or sat on the ground. We had about 40 campers at our first camp.

Since Sardis Lake wasn’t the ideal place for a family camp like we envisioned, we decided to purchase property near Walnut, Mississippi from Brother Ferrell, a member of Ole Enon Primitive Baptist Church. A non-profit charter (Christian Activities, Inc.) was received from the State of Mississippi. A twelve member board of directors of Primitive Baptist men is authorized by our charter. This board makes all decisions for Camp Moriah.

We had our first camp on our own property in 1972. The only buildings on the property at our first camp were two bath-houses and the pavilion with the kitchen. Since then we have made improvements each year as funds have been available. We have had many 8a3ae381_resizedwonderful experiences at Camp Moriah through the years and many have had life altering experiences during the week of camp.

Camp Moriah wasn’t designed to take the place of the family in raising children. It is only one small effort to help parents with their God-given responsibility to train their children in the Lord. May our Heavenly Father bless families who are concerned about their children remaining faithful to the truth and the church.