Constitution & By-laws

Constitution of Christian Activities

Inasmuch as the word of God commands that whatsoever we “do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus” and further that “whatsoever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men,” (Colossians 3:17,23); we believe that anything that we undertake to do can be done in a God-honoring way. We who subscribe to this constitution desire to provide good wholesome recreational and other activities in a proper setting under godly supervision. Inasmuch as the word of God recognizes that it is given unto children to spend a portion of their time in play activities (Zech. 8:5); and that it is the responsibility of God-fearing adults to watch over and supervise the activities of the young, we who subscribe to this constitution believe that we have a right and a responsibility to take a special interest in, and to make special provision for the recreational activities and any other Christian services which may be beneficial for our young, especially to own and maintain a rural campground to be used for camping and similar activities. We hereby form this corporation for the purpose of providing adequate recreational facilities for Christian people and for the proper supervision of activities at those facilities; and, also, to provide other Christian services which may be needed, wherein a group effort is required.

Article I (Name)
The name of this corporation shall be Christian Activities, Inc. Its principal place of business shall be RFD #4, Ripley, Mississippi 38663, or at such local address as may be from time to time fixed by the Board of Trustees.

Article II (Purpose)
Section 1. Christian Activities, Inc. shall be a private, non-profit, Christian service organization dedicated to the goal of providing godly, wholesome activities and the facilities for those activities for Christian people.
Section 2. The corporation shall not be an auxiliary function of any church or group of churches, but shall function as an independent Christian service organization.
Section 3. The corporation shall not presume to infringe upon the rights and privileges of any church or their members.
Section 4. Although this organization shall not serve as a function of any church, all the members of the Board of Trustees of this corporation shall be members of the Primitive Baptist Churches and shall endorse and subscribe to the high standards of morality and righteousness as are believed and practiced by Primitive Baptist. Also, any devotional and religious activities as may be observed as a part of the activities of this corporation associated with group camping, or otherwise, shall be supervised by Primitive Baptists. No devotional activity sponsored by this organization shall be looked upon as a substitute for regular church attendance and shall in no way minimize the importance and unique functions of the church, nor to detract in any way from supporting local community churches.

Article III (Length of Service)
The existence of Christian Activities, Inc. shall be perpetual.

Article IV (Obtaining Funds)
Christian Activities, Inc. shall be entitled to solicit and receive donations from any individual, organization or other agency.

Article V (Power to do Business)
Christian Activities, Inc. shall have the power, subject to the laws of the State of Mississippi affecting such non-profit organizations:
1. To buy, hold, own, develop, sell, convey, lease, mortgage, exchange, and otherwise deal in and dispose of property of all kinds.
2. To borrow money and secure the same.
3. To enter into contracts of every kind for any lawful purpose.
4. To perform all other such things and acts as may be necessary or expedient in carrying out any of the business or functions necessary to the organization’s purpose as stated in this constitution.

Article VI (Membership)
Section 1. The membership of this organization shall be called the Board of Trustees and shall be composed of twelve men, age 18 or older, who are members of Primitive Baptist Churches, and who demonstrate interest and concern in the purpose of this organization. At least two members of the Board shall be ordained Primitive Baptist ministers.
Section 2. The Board of Trustees for the first year of this organization shall be as follows: (Terms of Trustees are also given.)

Term Expires
James Rushing & R. Spencer      1978
Bobby J. Poe & Robert Walker     1977
A. Machiavello & Zack Guess       1976
Hassel Wallis & Claude Ewing       1975
Tate Rutherford & Danny Ferrell  1974
Winfred Robins & Edwin Carter     1973
W. E. Norton & James Rushing      1972

Section 3. Each year two Trustees’ terms shall expire, and shall be replaced or reelected by a seven-vote majority of the remaining ten members. All newly elected members will then serve six years each and may be reelected for successive terms.
Section 4. Trustees do not have to be present at meetings of the Board to vote, but may cast their vote in writing, in which case the letters shall be sent to the specified address and by the time specified by the Executive Committee.
Section 5. Vacancies which shall occur in the Board prior to the expiration date of their term shall be replaced by a seven-vote majority of the Board of Trustees for the remainder of the term vacant.

Article VII (Officers)
Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Their duties shall be those usually pertaining to such officers.
Section 2. All officers shall be elected from the Board of Trustees at an annual meeting held in July, at such time as shall be established by the Executive Committee. Ten day written notice, postage prepaid first class, shall be given to each annual or special meeting to each member and at the annual meeting a full report of the corporation shall be given to the members. Ten or more members can by writing waive the written notice and statutory waiting period.
Section 3. The terms of all officers shall be for one year and officers shall remain in office until their successors are elected. Officers may serve consecutive terms.
Section 4. Vacancies in all elected officers shall be filled by the Board of Trustees except that the Vice President shall assume the office of the President in case that the position shall become vacant, in which case the Board of Trustees shall elect another Vice President.

Article VIII (Compensation)
No officer or Trustee of the Foundation shall receive any compensation for his services unless and until such compensation shall have been provided by the By-laws.

Article XI (Management of Business)
Section 1. The Executive Committee shall conduct the business of the corporation. This committee shall be composed of the four elected officers and shall establish the times of their own meetings.
Section 2. The Executive Committee shall form all necessary Standing Committees, and shall establish the size, purpose and chairman of these committees. The membership of the Standing Committees need not be members of the corporation, but shall be responsible men and/or women of high Christian character.
Section 3. The Executive Committee shall have power to employ assistants, advisors, or other help as is needed or required for the proper conduct of the affairs of the corporation.
Section 4. Although the Executive Committee shall have power to transact all matters of business for the corporation, the committee may, from time to time, wish to place a matter before the entire Board of Trustees for discussion and/or voting. The Executive Committee shall announce the time and the place of such meetings.
Section 5. The Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees shall have the authority to invite the public to their meetings.
Section 6. The Board of Trustees shall have the power to veto or amend any decision of the Executive Committee, in which case a seven-vote majority shall be required.

Article X (Amendments)
The Constitution may be amended by nine of the members at any regular or any special meeting duly called for that purpose on thirty days written notice, mailed postage prepaid first class, to each member giving time, date and place of meeting and the purpose for which the meeting is being called. Also, giving a written copy of the proposed amendment.

By-Laws of Christian Activities

Article I (Voting)
Section 1. Except for amendments to the Constitution, on matters on which the Board of Trustees is voting, a seven-vote
majority shall be required.
Section 2. On matters in which the Executive Committee is voting, a three-vote majority shall be required.

Article II (Duties of Trustees)
Section 1. To be in good standing, a Trustee must maintain that conduct which is honoring to Christ and upbuilding to His Cause, and shall manifest an active interest and participation in the activities of the corporation.
Section 2. Any Trustee who finds that due to other obligations that he cannot serve satisfactorily as a Trustee may resign and should inform the Executive Committee of his intentions as soon as possible so that his remaining time may be filled by another. If the member resigns or loses his membership in any way and has less than six months to serve, the Executive Committee may appoint a new member in his place. If the member has or had over six months to serve, the Executive Committee shall call an election as soon as possible, giving thirty days written notice to each member of the corporation of the proposed election. The newly elected member shall serve the unexpired term of the member he is replacing.

Article III (Loss of Membership)
Section 1. A Trustee whose conduct fails to honor Christ; who fails to show satisfactory interest in the purposes of the
corporation; or who attitude proves to be detrimental to the purpose of the corporation shall be dropped by a ten-vote
majority of the Board of Trustees.
Section 2. Should any Trustee fail to qualify on any of the above points, any other member of the corporation may make
a request to the Executive Committee that he be removed. After considering the matter, the Executive Committee may then ask for a vote of the Board of Trustees and if the Board of Trustees so agrees, that Trustee shall be dropped. However
such agreement must be by a ten member majority vote.

Article IV (Impeachment of Officers)
An officer may be impeached at the recommendation of any three members of the Board. An officer may then be removed
from office by a ten-vote majority of the Board of Trustees after he has been accorded a full hearing on the impeachment

Article V (Rules of Order)
The Scriptures shall be used as the source of final authority on questions of procedure and conduct at meetings.

Article VI (Amending the By-Laws)
These By-Laws may be amended by a nine vote majority at any meeting of the Board of Trustees, provided written notice,
postage prepaid first class to each member has been given, thirty days prior to the meeting, of the proposed amendment.
Such notice shall be a written notice of the proposed amendment.